Are magic erasers a safe way to whiten teeth? An expert explains

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1 of the most excitement-deserving TikTok traits consists of men and women whitening teeth with magic erasers. But is it protected? (Picture through Getty Photographs)

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TikTok is recognised for viral movies, funny dances and brain-blowing everyday living hacks. Even so, a single the app’s most well known dental developments has stunned people and dentists everywhere you go.

Over the previous little although, some TikTokers have been whitening their enamel with magic erasers (sure, the ones utilised to clear away grime and stains from your stove and tub) and putting up their success.

When this Diy technique seems to deliver incredible results, health professionals are urging people to not think anything you see on the internet.

So, are magic erasers a protected and productive way to whiten your enamel? We questioned an skilled to give us their honest just take on this TikTok trend.

The assert — and how it started off

  • The craze started out a few yrs ago and has obtained traction at any time since.

  • It all commenced when TikTok consumer @theheatherdunn went viral for showing off her vivid smile. She uncovered that she applied a magic eraser to scrub the surface area of her tooth, which left them white and vivid.

  • To partake in this pattern, TikTokers say you ought to break off and soaked a little piece of magic eraser and scrub your enamel until stains and yellowness vanish. Dunn claimed this was her top secret to retaining her tooth white and shiny.


  • Even though Dunn’s first video clip has given that been deleted, the hashtag “#magiceraserteeth” has gathered 6.1 million sights on TikTok. Thousands of customers attempted it out and posted about their knowledge. Lots of people today have been thrilled with the benefits as their enamel magically turned white and shiny.

  • Having said that, Dr. Benjamin Winters, a dentist who goes by @thebentist on TikTok, went viral for blowing the declare out of the water. He defined that melamine foam is one particular of the most important substances in magic erasers, which turns “difficult as glass and functions like a actually abrasive sandpaper.”

  • Winters extra that “your tooth are white for the reason that you scrubbed all the enamel off them.” In the feedback of Winters’s movie, supporters either agreed with him, or claimed that they’d somewhat not have enamel if it meant that they would have white teeth.

melamine magic sponge cleaning equipment for household from TikTok video

Magic erasers are designed from perilous and carcinogenic products, which are not meant to be put in your mouth. (Image by using Getty Images).

An skilled weighs in

Dr. Peter Christakos, from Museum Dental in Toronto, says that though the erasers can scrub off stains, it will come at a price tag.

“Using magic erasers on teeth is a quite poor notion. The content is really abrasive and scrubs off the enamel or the outer layer of the tooth,” he claimed in an job interview with Yahoo Canada. “Once you scrub off enamel, it won’t regrow, so you are escalating your likelihood of having cavities, sensitivity and oral health and fitness issues.”

On top of that, Christakos provides that magic erasers consist of a further harmful ingredient — formaldehyde — which is carcinogenic.

“Not only is it undesirable for your tooth, but it can be bad for your health and fitness. It can lead to most cancers, kidney issues and a complete bunch of other items simply because it is not meant to be ingested. Even the label says really do not set it in your mouth,” Christakos stated.

Christakos also suggests that though experts know it is really a negative notion, buyers may well be none the wiser — so dentists and wellbeing pros require to do their element to make guaranteed their clients acquire web tendencies with a grain of salt.

“All we can do is counter the misinformation with correct info and ideally people today can decipher that,” Christakos said. “It can be tough mainly because men and women just submit items on the net, regardless of whether they are genuine or not.”

Teeth brushing foucus on foreground, woman with toothpaste on a toothbrush, from TikTok video

Whitening toothpaste is a safer way to help whiten your enamel. (Picture by using Getty Visuals)

Is it debunked?

From our investigations at Yahoo Canada, indeed, employing magic erasers on tooth is surely debunked.

Despite the fact that numerous TikTok customers like how this development can make their enamel look white and shiny, it is not excellent for anyone’s wellbeing. For this purpose, it can be not advisable to give this fad a go.

Luckily for us, there are other, safer approaches to whiten your enamel devoid of any health repercussions.

Christakos defined that you will find in-place of work whitening, where by you can go to your dentist to get your teeth securely whitened from a professional. On top of that, whitening toothpaste will also assistance clear up specified stains.

“These approaches are not nearly as abrasive as any magic eraser. And of study course, retain up with superior brushing and flossing,” Christakos explained.

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