Dental Guru Dr Shyam Jamalabad: Are teeth supposed to be light yellow?

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Scaling and sprucing can only do away with external stains. They do not make your teeth whiter, says Dr Shyam Jamalabad.

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Dr Jamalabad has around 30 yrs of expertise in dental care. He has his clinic in Mumbai and his individuals contain both equally famous people and slum dwellers.

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Anonymous: What is the ideal house solution for negative breath? Can it go absent permanently?


Undesirable breath (Halitosis) is generally indicative of gum an infection or decayed teeth. But it can be brought about by other elements as very well these kinds of as dry mouth, gastrointestinal disturbances or respiratory infections.

You should really consult your dentist.

If very poor oral hygiene is the induce, suitable procedure will be advised together with guidance on proper brushing, flossing, and so forth.

If, after cautious analysis, your dentist rules out tooth or gum infection, you may need to seek the advice of a standard doctor to rule out respiratory or gastrointestinal brings about.

Remember to be confident negative breath is treatable when the induce is pinpointed.


Anonymous: Expensive Dr Shyam, i am 48 and i have been a smoker for above 20 many years. What is the reason for caries that form at the foundation of the teeth that carries on to distribute damaging and dissolving the enamel totally? Is there any correlation among smoking cigarettes and caries decay?


The co-relation concerning smoking and dental caries is recognized past doubt but the exact system is not nonetheless comprehended.

Please give up using tobacco, not just to secure your tooth and gums but for other overall health causes as properly.


Md: Hello Dr. My daughter normally will get stain on the front tooth. What is the best dental methods to get rid of stain?


External stains are generally caused by meals colours in the food items or beverages we take in on a day by day basis.

She should attempt to identify and slice out the offending product from her diet plan. And, of training course, brushing soon after every single food allows.



Male: Is flossing using portable h2o jet machines (related to the kinds employed in Dental clinics) helpful. Or should just one use the mechanical flossing method using flossing filaments?


Portable drinking water jet gadgets are very effortless but only partly productive.

They do not get the job completed as successfully as brushing followed by mechanical flossing which evidently normally takes much more time and work.


Mayur: Hello Sir. I was pondering if teeth are supposed to be mild yellow in colour. If so, how frequently must we get sharpening and scaling done?

Hello. The colour of enamel differs from particular person to man or woman.

Exciting fact: Darker skinned people today have whiter enamel. And vice versa.

Please observe scaling and sprucing can only remove exterior stains. They do not make your tooth whiter.

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