Dentist revolts with grossest teeth procedures on TikTok

Melissa Eide

He’s revealing the unattractive “tooth” behind dentistry.

A California health care provider is disgusting the masses by sharing abdomen-churning videos of his grossest procedures, which entail anything from pulverizing plaque repositories to eradicating multicourse foods from tooth cavities. Clips of these gag-worthy procedures are amassing thousands and thousands of views and even gained him comparisons to superstar dermatologist Sandra Lee, a k a “Dr. Pimple Popper.” [Warning: Viewer discretion advised.]

In just one gag-deserving clip with nearly 130 million views, the Los Angeles tooth doc — acknowledged as @thekidzdentist on TikTok — excavates the rotten abscess in a patient’s molar. First to arise is an unknown yellow crumb, followed by a mass of leafy greens like a microbial magician’s streamer.


Tartar Alert🚨This is critical Tartar create up aka calculus on the tooth. Key enamel cleaning with calculus removal shown below! Tartar can only be eliminated by a dentist or hygienest. Tartar is hardened plaque that is caught on the enamel like calcified rock⚠️ It is a combine of microbes, foodstuff, & minerals from saliva. This intense case will come from many years of not brushing correctly. This can result in gum ailment, an infection, & lousy breath😷 #dentist #tooth #teeth tooth cleansing plaque removing calculus removal on tooth rotten teeth tooth decay extraction abscess tooth removal cavity an infection gap in tooth toothpaste tooth implants teeth care

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An additional clip with in excess of 104.5 million sights a scraper to chisel absent a thick coating of calcified plaque — a combine of germs, foods and minerals — like a paleontologist scraping sediment off a dinosaur bone.

“Major enamel cleaning with calculus elimination revealed here!” he writes in the caption to the a-plaque-lyptic clip. “This severe circumstance comes from several years of not brushing thoroughly.”

Most likely the “crown” jewel of disgusting tooth video clips consists of coring all the decaying matter out of a tooth so they can accomplish a root canal.

The physician eliminates food items from a rotted tooth abscess.

“We’re likely to the core of this tooth, infant,” @thekidzdentist declares as the video demonstrates a drill eliminating the best of the tooth, revealing a decomposing brown foundation beneath.

The drill then scours all the rot out of the chomper like a miniature dwelling remediation company.

“This is the very first step to a root canal and what we have to do is open up up the tooth, access it, make it all large, so we can use our drill and get all the decay out,” the tooth specialist explains. “All this brown stuff, which is some delicate decay. That’s rot.”

This unattractive dental affliction starts with a cavity that develops into severe decay caused by a blend of a proliferation of micro organism in your mouth, sugary foods and inadequate hygiene.

The clip concludes with the tooth technician ultimately reaching the nerve canals, which they’ll sooner or later remove to pave the way for the course of action.

Go figure: The TikTok masses were fascinated by the dental detox tutorials.

This patient had plaque for days.
This patient had plaque for times.

“Bro has his full lunch in there,” exclaimed a single disgusted viewer of the foodstuff removal clip.

“Alright. off to brush my enamel,” declared a further.

Just one TikTok wit quipped that the “man saved a total meal for later” in his abscess.

“That designed my mouth damage omg that appears to be unpleasant,” commented 1 aghast lover on a plaque elimination clip.

Some of his videos have amassed hundreds of millions of views on TikTok.
Some of his films have amassed hundreds of thousands and thousands of views on TikTok.

The Kidz Dentist is not the only doc garnering thousands and thousands of eyeballs by documenting disgusting healthcare methods.

Skin doctor Dr. Sandra Lee, better recognized as Dr. Pimple Popper by her “pop-a-holic” followers, has amassed more than 7.5 million followers on YouTube by posting videos of her — you guessed it — popping a variety of forms of pimples. She is also the matter of the hit TLC docuseries “Dr. Pimple Popper.”

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