Gwyneth Paltrow Says the Weirdest Wellness Trend She’s Ever Tried Is Rectal Ozone Therapy

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You read that ideal.

By now, it would not be difficult to imagine that Gwyneth Paltrow has tried out just about every solitary wellness possibility on the planet (and possibly a few from other planets, as well, let’s be serious). But when requested about which wellness trend has been the most strange, she explained that it had to do with rectal ozone treatment. Bewildered? You’re not the only one. Paltrow spilled on the most current episode of Expensive Media’s The Art of Staying Well podcast, wherever she was (obviously) asked about all issues wellness and healthful living.

Paltrow took it all the way back again, outlining that she 1st received intrigued in well being and wellness when her dad was diagnosed with most cancers. As a result of her own research, she begun to discover the connections between well being and the meals we consume.

“I did not feel about [wellness] a ton right until my father was identified with most cancers. I commenced noticing there experienced to be a link by what we were being taking in and what we ended up being uncovered to,” she reported about the beginnings of her wellness journey. “And how that was remaining expressed via sickness. And that’s when I started off exploring whichever I could. Chatting to persons. Knowledge the links concerning environmental contaminants, cancer … what led to the development of condition in our culture.”

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When pressed about the weird lengths she’s gone to in her quest for peak general performance and detoxing, Paltrow reported she underwent rectal ozone therapy.

“I have applied ozone remedy, rectally. Can I say that? It is fairly strange. It is fairly bizarre, yeah. But it’s been quite helpful,” she stated.

But it wasn’t just the shock of butt things and ozone wands (the Cleveland Clinic explains that the therapy is intended to oxygenate sections of the body to improve immunity: “Ozone therapy works by using professional medical-grade ozone made employing an ozone generator machine. The intent of ozone therapy is to maximize the amount of oxygen in your system. A greater oxygen amount can improve your immune process even though endorsing healing. It does that through mobile regeneration — the method of replacing or restoring broken cells.”). Paltrow mentioned that she observed authentic ailments related to selected behaviors. When she’s known for going to extremes (she also stated her macrobiotic diet regime throughout her visual appeal as perfectly as giving up “dairy, gluten, and sugar”) she tackled the reality of being in a position to heal ourselves — or at minimum avoid specific health conditions — with better habits.

“Why do we have so substantially being overweight, despair, and sort-2 diabetes?” she requested. “We all have so substantially company, we have autonomy over our bodies. What we set into our bodies … when we have a particular diploma of mastery of ourselves, we can seriously start off to improve our life and truly feel genuinely superior.”

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