I’m a dental expert – these are the exact times you should be brushing your teeth

Melissa Eide

I’m a dental skilled – these are the specific situations you must be brushing your enamel to avoid destroying enamel

Many of us are brought up remaining warned that sugar will damage your enamel, so you  may well be tempted to head for the rest room after taking pleasure in a sweet deal with. 

Medical doctor Richard Marques, a dental expert at London’s Harley Road Clinic, has shared recommendations with Femail to ensure you retain wholesome, cleanse teeth right after indulging in your favorite treats.

Dr Marques suggests that you refrain from brushing your enamel straight soon after consuming sugary treats, and this applies whether you have all-natural tooth, veneers, or gold enamel.

This is to be certain that the saliva in your mouth has enough time to break down acids, so that they are less strong and damaging to your enamel when brushed.

But when is the correct time to brush your tooth right after consuming a chocolate bar or two? And when is the greatest time to build dental cleanliness into your early morning regime? 

Health care provider Richard Marques, a dental expert at London’s Harley Avenue Clinic, has shared strategies on the greatest time to brush your tooth immediately after ingesting chocolate

Following SNACKING

Dr Marques mentioned that finest apply is to wait a minimum amount of 30 to 60 minutes before brushing your tooth right after having sugary snacks, specifically people high in acidity.

‘This is simply because your mouth provides the best breeding ground for sugar to be transferred to the teeth and gums’ he reported.

‘Harmful microbes then feed on the sugar, subsequently attacking the enamel, making tooth more susceptible to tooth decay and tooth sensitivity.’

Dr Marques described that healthier enamel – a slender outer masking of the tooth – is essential to great dental wellbeing as it safeguards our enamel from harm. He warned that we must get good treatment of this protective barrier as it can not be changed.

He mentioned: ‘The irreplaceable enamel on our enamel that safeguards from injury is quickly weakened immediately after consuming acidic or sugary drinks or treats.’

‘The body is unable to generate far more enamel as it does not contain any residing cells. This indicates if it is destroyed, it is ruined permanently.’ 

Just after BREAKFAST 

For those people on the go, certainly the luxurious of 30-minute downtime immediately after having is unimaginable. So in this circumstance, Dr Marques suggests you brush your enamel shortly prior to downing a espresso.

He additional: ‘If it is breakfast time and you’d be on the lookout to depart the house soon following consuming sugary food items and drink, the ideal follow is to brush your teeth prior to eating.’

‘Depending on your toothpaste of selection, this can supply some defense for the enamel when they then appear into call with breakfast treats.’

On the other hand, Dr Marque implies we take in tempting meals sparingly, as overconsumption might have a harmful result on your total oral well being – and this goes for sugar-cost-free foodstuff much too.

He claimed: ‘In purchase to keep away from tooth reduction and gum sickness, sugary treats are most effective enjoyed on celebration.’

‘Also be knowledgeable of sugar-cost-free objects as they can sometimes comprise ingredients just as damaging to your tooth as sugar.’


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