Should you brush your teeth in the shower?

Melissa Eide

(WJW) — We have all necessary to multi-activity on all those rushed mornings before traveling out the doorway. But is brushing your teeth in the shower carrying out additional damage than good?

Dentists across North The usa say there are three reasons it is superior to take the time to move out of the shower and thoroughly clean those pearly whites at the toilet sink, in accordance to a report from FOX News.

Heat breaks down toothbrush bristles

Significant heat and steam are not good for the longevity of your toothbrush, in accordance to Parul Dua Makkar, health practitioner of dental surgical procedures and proprietor of PDM Family Dental in Jericho, New York.

“Exposing a toothbrush to warmth and humidity weakens the bristles and make it ineffective,” Makkar informed Fox News Electronic. “Always retailer a toothbrush in a amazing dry place, absent from the shower and the toilet as microorganisms like to multiply in moist and humid circumstances.”

The Centers for Disease Control say to exchange your toothbrush each individual 3 to 4 months, or quicker if the bristles look worn out. This is simply because a worn-out toothbrush could not operate as effectively, not mainly because it may have much more germs.

Showers build a cross-contamination zone

Arun Narang, a Toronto-dependent beauty and restorative dentist at Dr. Arun Narang & Associates Smile by Style reported that folks who pick to brush their teeth in the shower raise their hazard of harmful cross-contamination, according to the report.

“Brushing your teeth in the shower could save time, but it exposes you to additional micro organism,” Narang claimed. “Tubs and showers typically are perfect sites for micro organism to increase mainly because they are constantly moist, heat and sometimes shared with other family associates.”

Narang discussed that when you’re standing at the sink you are not standing in it like you are in a shower, which produces a steamy, moist ecosystem. A toothbrush at the sink has time to dry amongst takes advantage of.

Toothpaste makes for a slippery shower flooring

Fatima Khan, a physician of dental medication at Altus Dental in Houston, Texas explained that while some dental professionals alert that tooth-cleaning goods can improve a person’s likelihood of an accidental slip and slide, this can also take place with other merchandise, like physique clean, shampoos and conditioners.

“The drop threat might be the similar as with other items,” Khan reported.


But if you are not inclined to give up that morning routine of brushing your enamel in the shower, Amber Bonnaig, medical professional of dental surgery and dental director of DentaQuest Georgia has some guidance.

“For individuals who brush their teeth in the shower, the most crucial detail to bear in mind is to retail outlet the toothbrush outdoors of the shower to avoid bacteria, which can expand in the soaked shower, from transferring to the toothbrush and finally the mouth,” Bonnaig explained.

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