Side Effects of Weight Loss Drug Semaglutide: Bloating, Diarrhea

Melissa Eide
  • The bodyweight loss medication semaglutide can suppress cravings for selected foodstuff and alcohol. 
  • Some people say it alterations their flavor preferences, producing them like kale to fried rooster. 
  • Other aspect effects can consist of diarrhea and bloating, but also a mood increase, according to patients. 

The preferred treatment semaglutide has designed headlines as a “video game changer” for excess weight loss — but it can also arrive with shocking facet outcomes, according to men and women who use the drug. 

Semaglutide, initially created to deal with diabetes and accredited for bodyweight reduction in 2021, functions by acting on hormones that control hunger and blood sugar, resulting in clients to really feel entire a lot more speedily. It’s sold beneath the manufacturer names Wegovy, Ozempic, and Rybelsus.

The drug is regarded as risk-free, and the most common aspect results are gastrointestinal problems like nausea and belly cramps, body weight decline health professionals beforehand informed Insider.

Having said that, people are also reporting surprising side effects ranging from positive aspects like improved temper to much less positive occurrences like diarrhea and reduction of fascination in beloved food items.  

Digestive challenges may well incorporate surprise diarrhea

Even though semaglutide end users at times working experience constipation, specially when they initial start off taking the treatment, the opposite dilemma takes place in about 30% of folks getting the drug, according to scientific trials

Many semaglutide people on social media said they skilled unforeseen diarrhea that was so sudden and forceful, it caused them to poop their trousers in general public.

Some customers also claimed that persistence flatulence could transform into diarrhea without the need of warning, in accordance to a person Reddit thread

Burping and bloating can manifest

In clinical trials of persons working with semaglutide for weight reduction, 7% claimed belly bloat and 6% documented gassiness. 

Semaglutide end users on social media claimed they practical experience these indications an unpleasant sensation of fullness, and regular burping, often with an disagreeable sulfur scent or taste

Semaglutide may make previously beloved foods appear to be disgusting 

Whilst semaglutide will help with body weight reduction by lowering appetite, some people have claimed it would seem to work too nicely, protecting against them from savoring food items they employed to really like.

One thing about the medicine might modify hormones and affect our sense of style, making people disgusted by foodstuff like French fries and sweet bars, Insider’s Anna Medaris beforehand documented. 

A single female went from a lifelong coffee drinker to unable to belly the stuff, and some users shared on Reddit that treats like donuts and French fries abruptly tasted bitter

Wholesome foods like kale and smoothies may perhaps style much better

Even so, the lady who shed her flavor for coffee also stopped craving quick food items rooster and abruptly liked the taste of kale salad. Another semaglutide affected individual previously told Insider she no extended experienced a flavor for meat, but felt a new desire for smoothies. 

It really is not apparent what may be driving the alter in tastes. Semaglutide is effective for fat reduction in element since it works on the reward centers of the brain, lessening the hurry of really feel-excellent substances we would typically get from a address. 

It could be that the principal hormone affected by semaglutide, known as GLP-1, has a deeper marriage with flavor cells, too, switching how we interpret indicators coming from the mouth, neuroscience professor Lynnette McCluskey previously informed Insider. 

Semaglutide may possibly halt you from craving a consume

Together with cravings for sweet and salty treats, some semaglutide clients shed their want to indulge in alcoholic beverages, Insider’s Anna Medaris beforehand reported. 

The medication is so successful at curbing alcoholic cravings it may have likely to help combat habit. 

Many semaglutide patients have been satisfied to reduce back again, but a few consumers claimed the treatment led to extra severe facet outcomes like nausea immediately after a handful of cocktails or glasses of wine. 

Some semaglutide buyers report a lot less stress, anxiety and depression 

One stunning benefit of semaglutide may possibly be improved mood and a lot less stress and pressure, in accordance to some people posting on social media (even though other posts noted the reverse results of a lot less strength and worse temper). Whilst the placebo impact may perhaps describe some mood advancements, study has recommended that GLP-1 may well engage in a part in depression, so remedies that affect the hormone could affect mood. 

Some semaglutide end users also informed Insider it boosted their mental wellness by aiding minimize thoughts of shame about their weight. They explained much less cravings meant they invested considerably less time stressing about food, and experienced additional mental energy to concentrate on other issues, resulting in a greater feeling of wellbeing in their day-to-day existence .

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