What do your teeth say about your personality?

Melissa Eide

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul – but a dental qualified suggests your mouth may possibly in fact be a greater guide to the sort of persona you undertaking.

Cosmetic dentist Dr Sahil Patel states that the way our tooth are shaped can signal irrespective of whether we are organised, chaotic, sort or even aggressive.

The expert and founder of Marylebone Smile Clinic (marylebonesmileclinic.co.united kingdom) in London discovered that we might not be knowledgeable of the message our tooth ship throughout.

When oval teeth sign a carefree and outgoing electrical power, he stated that squared tooth give off a ‘masculine and older’ vibe.

Somewhere else, quirks such as white places or uneven edges might channel kindness and creativeness. 

Dr Sahil Patel, founder of Marylebone Smile Clinic in London, exposed that we may well not be mindful of the message our tooth deliver across


'Squoval' teeth don't signal any overwhelming traits and could also suggest sophistication and calmness

‘Squoval’ enamel don’t signal any overpowering features and could also recommend sophistication and calmness

Dr Patel claims that this blend could be when compared to a typical nail style and design – with rounded corners but an over-all ‘element of squareness’.

It doesn’t send out any powerful information throughout, and for this reason gives off a delicate and tranquil energy. 

‘It satisfies most personalities and is regarded as a secure form for tooth as it does not impute any sturdy temperament results,’ he described.

The dental expert included that, taking into consideration most people’s facial profiles, ‘on average we display sharp angles at the angle of our decrease jaw, upper cheek bones and forehead’.

‘These angles are softened by the nature, shape and amount of excess fat in just the skin overlying the bone construction,’ he added.

Squoval enamel could also propose traits this sort of as ‘sophistication, calmness and affability’, he mentioned.


Dr Patel says oval teeth give off a feminine and more youthful energy and impute a carefree nature

Dr Patel suggests oval enamel give off a female and extra youthful energy and impute a carefree character

Oval teeth, possibly unsurprisingly, are ’rounded in all dimensions’.

It is ‘classically is a a lot more feminine and youthful shape for tooth,’ Dr Patel states.

Due to the fact of their affiliation with femininity, they signal charm and ship a softer power, he additional, ‘which may well accommodate you depending on your facial features’.

He explained: ‘Aesthetically, rounded facial characteristics would match rounded or ovoid teeth, as pictured in the case in point.

‘Oval enamel impute a carefree, constructive and outgoing temperament.’


Personality traits of this shape could include seriousness, maturity and efficiency, the dentist said

Temperament attributes of this condition could involve seriousness, maturity and performance, the dentist said 

The dental professional advises that in contrast to oval enamel, sq. teeth have a ‘masculine and older’ aesthetic.

Simply because of this, they will give off the visual appeal of a brute and blunt persona. 

‘Over time pretty much every person will put on their tooth into a extra square looking appearance,’ Dr Patel added.

‘Square teeth is not automatically a undesirable matter for everyone, but they are associated with older age owing to the effects of tooth dress in.

‘Age-proper teeth are starting to be a little more common in new occasions thanks to persons seeking a normal aesthetic.’

Individuality characteristics of this condition, he claimed, could incorporate seriousness, maturity and efficiency.


The dentist said that people with triangular teeth channel creativity, motion and even 'quirkiness'

The dentist stated that folks with triangular teeth channel creative imagination, movement and even ‘quirkiness’ 

What does tooth form signify for you? 

‘A excellent beginning issue is to have a look in the mirror and see what sort of facial variety and corresponding tooth sort you at the moment have. This is what mother nature has offered you, and mother nature is commonly not significantly from the very best doable combination of functions in enamel.

‘That getting explained, if you have a little something you are wanting to change or make improvements to, think about where you might suit in with the temperament characteristics, and don’t forget that cosmetic dentists can blend tooth varieties with each other. For instance, a squoval tooth form can be designed to be extra on the ovoid aspect or extra square, whilst nevertheless retaining some attributes of squoval.

‘Discuss it with a cosmetic dentist you trust so you can be guaranteed you are coming up with your smile with the appropriate personality traits in thoughts.’

Dr Sahil Patel 

Dr Patel explained triangular tooth ended up ones that ‘seem to flare outwards a lot’.

And their unique condition indicators a whimsical charm and exceptional character. 

He states these are normally ‘developmentally normal’ and can seem terrific relying on your individuality and facial profile’.

‘Triangular enamel are associated with dominance, creativeness, movement, absolutely free thinking and quirkiness,’ he added.



Dr Patel explained that pointy canines are connected with ‘masculinity, strength and aggression’. He discussed that lots of of his shoppers inquire for softer, rounder canines to channel a softer vibe.


These developmental defects can give tooth character, Dr Patel advised, as effectively as present openness, kindness and creative imagination. 


‘Wavy edges can be a all-natural feature, or designed with time due to making use of your tooth as a instrument, or an incident,’ the skilled described. 

He disclosed that though uneven characteristics these as chipped or cracked teeth could display ‘disorganisation and lessened intelligence’, they could also signal creativeness and extroversion. 


‘This is a specialized expression for the developmental grooves on the edges of tooth,’ Dr Patel claimed.

‘They form during our early several years, and often have on away by age 21.

‘In some people it does not have on absent, leaving the physical appearance of wavy or uneven edges. Mamelons could show youthfulness and immaturity as personality attributes.’

INCISAL Measures

This refers to the size distinction amongst the entrance tooth and the two aspect tooth. 

‘This is commonly .5-2mm, but is variable across the population,’ Dr Patel encouraged.

‘An incisal phase of .5mm would demonstrate seriousness and more mature age, whereas a stage of 2mm-furthermore would clearly show youthfulness and a playful character.’

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